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Bing – Microsoft’s New Search Engine

Rumors have been floating for some time that Microsoft would be rebranding its Live search engine, especially after its acquisition of Powerset last summer. Although recently leaked screenshots implied the name might be Kumo, AdAge is reporting today that the new engine will be named Bing.

Along with the rebranding comes a reported $80 million advertising campaign spanning TV, radio, print and online, created by New York’s JWT advertising agency. The ads will try to convince consumers that although they may be happy with their current search engine (i.e. Google), they don’t know how good the experience could be.

How Microsoft plans to migrate its current users to the new domain remains to be seen. Certainly they will lose some of their users in the switch, but we think the move makes a ton of sense. Here’s why:


Twitter Gets Ads, Courtesy of Federated Media and Microsoft

Twitter Ads We've Seen So FarOver the last week you’ve probably noticed the “definitions” (read: ads) in the Twitter sidebar. Until today, they’ve been promoting Twitter’s in-house services, such as encouraging users to add a Twitter widget to their blog. But as of today we’ve started seeing three different offsite ads appearing in this space, pictured in the image to the left. Further investigation reveals that these ads represent the launch of a new monetization strategy for Twitter.


Microsoft’s New Expression Web SuperPreview Makes Cross-browser Testing Painless

Microsoft has just unveiled the beta of a new product for web developers: Expression Web SuperPreview for Internet Explorer. If it delivers on its goals, it promises to change the lives of web developers as fundamentally as Firebug.

Expression Web SuperPreview lets you view your website in IE6, IE7, IE8 and any other web browser you have installed, and switch between them as you please. That means you can switch between viewing your website in Shiretoko (Firefox 3.5 beta), Internet Explorer 6, and the Safari 4 beta with the click of an icon. You can even compare them side by side. Perhaps the coolest feature is that you can overlay the different renderings on top of each other in an onion-skin mode, allowing you to fully appreciate the Cuil-like approach IE6 takes to rendering webpages.