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WordPress 3.8 – Disappearing Thumbnails!

After recently upgrading several websites to WordPress 3.8, we began to notice and receive reports of thumbnail images disappearing on several websites.

Remarketing 101: What It Is, Why You Need It, And How To Get Started Right Now

Target Your Visitors With Remarketing AdsHave you ever noticed that after you visit some websites their ads seem to follow you around the internet, appearing on seemingly every website you visit? Its almost like they are following you!

In fact, they are following you. Although you probably didn’t realize it, when you first visited one of these websites, a cookie was dropped on your browser. As long as you have that cookie, the website owner who dropped it can keep showing you ads for their website. The result is ads that appear to follow you around the internet.

These are called remarketing ads, and they are extremely effective. And although you’ve probably noticed these types of ads running for big brands like Amazon, you might be surprised to find out that you can start a remarketing campaign yourself quite easily, and with a much smaller budget than you might expect.

In this article, we’ll cover the most important points of remarketing, including:

  1. What remarketing is and the problem it solves
  2. Why it has the potential to dramatically increase your conversion rate, and
  3. How you can implement your first remarketing campaign in less than an hour.

After reading this article, you’ll have a better understanding of how remarketing works and why it could be your website’s next secret weapon. (more…)

The Local SEO Checklist: A Step-By-Step Guide For Small Business Owners

Grow Your Business With Local SEOLocal Search Engine Optimization, or Local SEO, is all about getting more search traffic from the people in your city. Its something which can be mastered by any business owner, but it can be overwhelming and counter-intuitive for anyone without an SEO background.

This guide is for small business owners who want to rank higher on Google and other local search engines. Its meant to cut through the fog, and present you with a step by step blueprint for better rankings in local search engines. We hope that it strikes a balance of being approachable without getting bogged down with terminology. If there’s any area that seems foreign to you leave us a comment, and we’ll do a deep dive into that area in an upcoming blog post.

We recommend you print out this list and complete every item on it, checking them off as you go. Some of the items will be harder to complete than the others, but every one of them is important.

If you complete every item on this list, your site will be exceptionally well positioned to rank highly in local search. And a high ranking in local search will lead to a lot of new calls and customers, which is of course what we’re really after. 😉

Of course, if you’d rather get back to your business and have this handled by a professional, get in touch with us now. We have Local SEO packages starting at only $500/month that can complete every item on this checklist. (more…)

On-Site SEO: The 10 Factors That Really Control Your Rank

tools-for-organizing-a-website-with-many-pagesSEO is primarily made up of 2 areas of practice: on-site SEO (improvements to your website) and off-site SEO (encouraging other webmasters to link to you).

Either one of these topics is deep enough to spend months researching, but we know you’re busy so we’ve broken them down into only the most important parts. This article focuses on on-site SEO, the tweaks and improvements you can make to your site that will help it rank highly in the search engines. In an upcoming article we’ll focus on its counterpart, off-site SEO, so subscribe now to make sure you don’t miss it!

This article is a bit longer than most blog posts you might be used to reading, but we promise that if you read the whole thing you’ll leave with a much better understanding of on-site SEO and what on-site SEO factors are really important for ranking highly on search engines like Google and Bing.

Note: Obviously, there are more than 10 on-site SEO improvements you can make to your website, but this article covers only the most important, highest-impact areas of on-site SEO. (more…)

How To Use Google AdWords To Focus Your SEO Strategy

Use AdWords to focus your SEO campaignsAdWords and SEO – at first the two might seem like polar opposites, and in many ways they are.

With AdWords, each new visitor costs us money, while with SEO each visitor is free. With AdWords, we can go from starting a new campaign to seeing visitors on our website in a matter of hours, while with SEO, it might be weeks or months until we see the first fruits of our labor.

Yet AdWords might just be the crucial factor that turns your SEO campaign into a profit machine. (more…)

A/B Testing Ideas: 19 Proven A/B Test Ideas To Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

AB Testing:  Try making a button the same color as each crayon in this pictureConversion Rate Optimization is the science of converting more of your website’s visitors into customers. Converting more of your existing traffic into sales is like getting free money for your business.

The easiest way to increase your website’s conversion rate is to use A/B testing. This involves reworking one specific part of your website, and then testing the new version to see if performs better with your visitors.

For example, you might create 5 new headlines for your website and test them to see which ones are the stickiest, or you might try removing some of the fields on your contact form to see if more people complete it.

What outcome you are optimizing for depends your website and your business goals, but some common A/B testing goals are:

  • Increasing order frequency and average order size
  • Promoting more customer referrals
  • Decreasing shopping cart abandonment
  • Improving engagement within a software product

Depending on your goals and your existing revenue, you might have more or less room to try some of the A/B testing ideas below. We hope that you’ll find at least a few A/B test ideas in this list that pique your curiosity and get your brain thinking about what other creative tests you can run. (more…)